Nuclear Community Acceptable Use Policy


The following guidelines are provided to foster the open exchange of information on the Nuclear Community and ensure proper use of the site:

  • Use the groups as a free-flowing forum for operating experience.
  • Information posted in the Nuclear Community is confidential and proprietary to INPO.
  • Do not provide information found on the Nuclear Community to any third party.
  • Selling and/or reselling information is prohibited.
  • Do not use information for marketing purposes or to seek commercial advantage.
  • Do not post the following:
    • salary information
    • material with a copyright not belonging to you or your organization
    • anything that may be defamatory to an individual or organization
  • Inappropriate messages will be deleted, and the message originator will be notified.
  • Search your group’s forums for related information before posting a question as responses to the question may already exist.
  • Word questions clearly and openly to encourage discussion rather than yes/no responses.
  • If a phone call was made or received in providing a response to a question, post that response to the question for the benefit of the group.
  • Make managers and colleagues aware of groups related to their areas of responsibility.

Things To Do

  • Exercise care and common sense in your use of the Nuclear Community.
  • Report any inappropriate material to your group owner or a community administrator.
  • Refer to the Help group for answers to commonly asked questions or to pose a new question you feel will apply to other users.

Things Not To Do

  • Anything illegal
  • Anything that contravenes this policy
  • Anything that will harm the business interest, reputation, or business objectives of your utility, the nuclear industry, or INPO


INPO hosts the Nuclear Community and reserves the right to monitor any group at any time. You should have no expectation of privacy when using the Nuclear Community.

Monitoring of systems is carried out in order to:

  • Detect and prevent unlawful use or misuse of the site
  • Maintain the effective operation of the site
  • Protect INPO from legal liability


Breach of this policy will invoke disciplinary action(s) up to and including permanent removal from the site.


You are now asked to check the box on the previous screen to confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to this policy. INPO reserves the right to make changes and additions to this policy. By checking the box, you are committing to review any changes as they are communicated through site-wide announcements in the future.

If you do not understand or are unhappy with any part of this policy, please submit your concerns to or call (770) 644-8900.